Thursday, March 29, 2012

Culture shock

We made it to Las Vegas! We are still adjusting and trying to get everything put away but we're enjoying our new home. I'm ready to get out and explore! We live about 15-20 minutes south of the Strip. I ventured out today to go to Fashion Show mall which is on the Strip and man, oh man did I have a little culture shock. After living in small Johnson City where there's rarely any traffic Las Vegas is just a little bit of a change, especially around Las Vegas Blvd (aka the Strip). I was shocked to see so many people walking the Strip at 10 in the morning on a Thursday in March! Crazy!

Jeff is working hard at his new job (he's always working hard and we're proud of all he's accomplished!) and I'm applying for jobs. I passed my licensing exam in February and I am officially a registered nurse! Woohoo!

I had a request for pictures of our new home (ahem, Sam--sorry it took so long), so here are a few. Don't judge the quality of the pictures because I might have taken them while I was driving. The camera is called a point and shoot for a reason :) I was watching the road, don't worry.

Notice the trees! We have great sidewalks lined with trees in our neighborhood.

This is the casino down the road from our apartment. If you come visit us you won't have to go all the way to the Strip to gamble away all your money!

We are definitely in the desert now, but there are mountains in the distance. Apparently we are 30 minutes from skiing in the winter or a cool spot during the summer.

Gas is expensive.

Traffic on the Strip.

More of the Strip.

More traffic. It took me about 30 minutes to go about 7 miles. There was an accident, but I realized we're definitely not in Johnson City anymore! I also realized we weren't in Johnson City anymore when our car insurance rates more than doubled. Yikes.

We're ready for visitors!

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