Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our bribery worked!

What do you do when Aunt Cheryl and Mama Hiestand come to visit you in Johnson City, Tennessee?

Just about everything touristy/fun you can think of to do in a two-hour radius. Umm, and we might have gained a few el bees (that's pounds if you didn't get my attempt at being clever... you know, lbs...nevermind) in the process. Well, we had to show them all the good places to eat too! And even though we wished for a miraculous overnight change of the trees into their full fall glory, it never happened. Maybe when they visit us next year :). Oh, and we made a couple of trips to Walmart...and then a couple more.

Family picture. These first two pictures are pictures taken from pictures hence the not so good quality.

Scenic overlook on the way to Asheville, NC.

The Biltmore Estate built by George Vanderbilt before he was even married. I guess he didn't want to start out with an apartment. Beautiful but overpriced. My favorite part was the swimming pool in the basement.

Dollywood! Where do I go for the Dolly boob job? We payed enough to get in here!

Dolly's tour bus. I'm surprised her and her boobs fit in this thing.

I think I might frame this one.

Riley is pooped. She loved having visitors. Cheryl gave her a middle name so we can now properly reprimand her. RILEY JO YOU STOP EATING PAPER TOWELS RIGHT NOW!

Apple Festival in Erwin, TN. If you have no teeth how are you supposed to eat apples?

Aw. Riley loved having two air mattresses set up so she could look out the windows and lounge...and jump on people to wake them up in the morning (she likes to aim right for your head).

Okay, who's up next for their visit? You know you want to.

Thanks for coming to see us!!!
Ya'll come back now, y'hear!