Tuesday, September 8, 2009

finding hope

*Scroll down to the bottom of the page to turn off the music so you can listen to this amazing message. This is just what I needed today.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Jeff and I like to eat...a lot (not in the sense that we like to stuff ourselves, but we enjoy eating...you get the idea). Usually we like to eat healthily, but sometimes you just have to eat the really good stuff and we all know the really good stuff is not so good for you. Just don't eat the really good stuff before you attempt to run 8 kilometers (see post below about 8k).


Ridgewood has the best bbq around. It's pretty much a glorified trailer tucked into the hillside on the side of the road. You know the 'no soup for you' episode of Seinfeld (of course you do), well this place comes with its own grouchy lady that takes your name and tells you not to ask her how long the wait is (we've been tempted to see what she would do if we did ask--No bbq for you!) and then throws your menus on the table. This just adds to the experience. Let's just say that this place is a little bit of food heaven on earth (if they have grouchy ladies that take your name down in food heaven that is). It's probably a good thing that Ridgewood isn't closer to our house or we'd be there weekly and then we'd be fat. for sure.

So the reason I tell you all this is to make your mouths water so you'll want to come visit us in lovely scenic, bbq-loving TN. I mean, I would go to UT just for some Cafe Rio and La Casita (it's in Springville. Go now!), so I would assume you'd come visit us just to try some authentic bbq. We assume that since our trips are based around food, yours should be too. (Sorry it was closed when you visited Leslie!) Trust me, you will go home happy. Plus you get to see us so what's not to love...the best bbq ever AND the company of Jeff and Lynn. What are you waiting for?

Best blue cheese dressing you will ever have...and yes, it comes with crackers

The smokers

I warned him it was going on the blog.

Windy country road and no where to park.

It's never not packed. There's always a wait. p.s. I like how the lady in blue is smiling for the camera.

This is Jeff and Lance on their phones telling you to come visit us!! Now!