Friday, April 24, 2009


I feel like after having nothing much to post about for so long we have finally been some places recently -- and taken a few pictures too (because I know we have so many avid readers out there. ha.).

It's kinda hard to tell but I like this picture cause to the left of the Fenway sign it says Monster.

Jeff made his first trip to the northeast. Unfortunately we were not in Boston for pleasure but of course we had to at least go by the stadium. My grandma June passed away and we went to Boston for the funeral.

My grandma persevered through a lot in her almost 90 years -- epilepsy, basically growing up in an institution because there was no medication for epilepsy, losing two brothers to drowning on separate occasions, brain tumors, just to name a few -- but she was a very optimistic woman with great strength who was determined to accomplish her goals (she worked as a nurse against some odds) and worked hard for her independence. After living alone for almost 24 years she is now surrounded by her loved ones. I love and admire her very much and will miss her.

Of course funerals are sad, and going to two within 6 months isn't so great, but I do enjoy the opportunity to see my family. Seriously, who can resist these faces?

I hadn't been back to Bean Town for quite some time and enjoyed going to see my grandma's beach "cottage" in Wareham near Cape Cod where I have many fond memories. (Please note the street that it is on. p.s. I love my mom in this picture. She was trying to get Anika to smile, I think.)

Last weekend we were up in Virginia/Maryland for my best friend, Sam's wedding but I will entertain with you that on another day since I think I've met my quota for length with this post.

Jeff has also been applying for jobs as an academic advisor within the athletic departments at the University of Wyoming (brrr) and the College of Charleston (beach, mmm). We'll see what happens since he still has a semester of school left -- don't worry, he can finish online. Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

western carolina

This weekend BYU baseball came our way and played at Western Carolina University which is about two hours away from us. So Jeff and Lance went on Thursday and Jeff and I headed down for the Friday and Saturday games. The university is in a cute little town and we stayed on an Indian reservation not too far away. So of course we had to check out the Harrah's casino (don't judge us) on the reservation. When we pulled up I thought there was something going on in town because there were rows and rows of cars parked before getting to the casino. We had to take a shuttle from the car to the casino. We were definitely not expecting this huge casino in this tiny town. But for such a big casino we were pretty disappointed with what was inside. It was mostly slot machines, the tables had high minimums (no dollar tables?) and there was no roulette! And it was extremely smoky. Gross. So we didn't stay too long. We had fun going to the games and seeing the guys sweep Western Carolina.

You know you're in the south when they're offering 12 biscuits for $10. Who gets 12 biscuits all at once?

Homemade candy and fudge on the Indian reservation. Yum.